Steep slopes up to 80%

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This wine site is located on the right-hand shore of the Mosel and counts as one of Mosel‘s best sites, not least because of the extremely steep slopes occurring here, which almost reach an acclivity of 70°. The sun shines until late in the evening in this south western slope. The slate saves the warmth and provides a particular climate that supports the riping progress. Here, we grow our most elegant, dry and fruity Spätlesen and Auslesen as well as excellent Beerenauslesen.

This wine site is located on the left-hand shore of the Mosel. In this southern slope we have recultivated high-quality steep slope vineyards. The deep grey slate provides the wines with a mineral complexity. This site has a decline of 65% and old vines are planted here. These have very deep roots, which absorb nutrients and humidity from the depths of the soil. Our dry and semi-dry Rieslings with an exquisitely mineral taste, finest fruity aroma and fruit acid are grown here. The wines from this site are also particularly suitable for our sparkling wines.

Natural factors

The meaning of „terroir“

These wines profit of the special combination of the climate and the soil the grapes grow on. Because of this combination, every site offers its very own possibilities to create wines with individual characteristics. Our task is to carve this out in a sensitive and differentiated way, attaching our own signature. Our terroir is shaped by devon slate and it releases minerals in the course of efflorescence, which add to the formation of the flavour substances in a vitally important way. The terroir in our vineyards consists of grey and blue slate.

Grey slate is a rock that can be weathered very easily. The soil contains a high percentage of fine earth and produces wines that are rich in content and full of extract, having the aroma of peach, mango or apricot. The bouquet is balanced with a light, fresh acidity.

Blue slate is a rock that is much harder than grey slate. The soil contains only a bit of fine earth and often appears more stinted and drier. Because of its layered structure, the rock is especially permeable to air and water. The fine, fruity wines have a mild mineral slate spiciness with a hint of apple and citrus.

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