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Steep slope wines grown in a unique terroir since 1780

Welcome to the Mosel! Together with our three children, we are running this winery, which has been in our family for six generations. Our family-owned winery in Trittenheim was noted for the first time in 1780.

I, Hubertus, could not imagine having a better job than that of a steep slope winemaker. Wine is my passion. Just like our vines on the slate soil of the Mosel‘s steep slopes, I feel deeply rooted in and connected to our spectacular cultural landscape. To me, making wine is not merely a task to be done, it is pure passion. Everyone in our family finds joy in innovations and high quality standards are a driving force for us. Even our eldest, Hubert Clüsserath, 89 years young, is still working in the vineyards every day and his wife Marlies also likes helping out a lot. To you as a customer we do not only want to sell high quality wines, but also offer a quick service and fair prices and our ever growing nationally and internationally established clientele reassures us in our actions.

We offer dry and semi-dry Riesling wines as well as fruity and sweet ones and those with an intensive berry aroma. Further varieties of vines like Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Dornfelder, Kerner, Pinot Blanc and Savignon Blanc also grow perfectly on our sun spoiled vineyards‘ slate soil.

Our wines are elegant, full of minerals and with the slightest aroma of fruit for connoisseurs with high expectations. We ensure the quality of our wines through consciously keeping our harvest low, a high physiological ripeness of the grapes, selective harvest by hand, careful treatment of the grapes (no harvesting through machines), controlled, cooled and slow spontaneous fermentation and a perfect vinification that preserves all of what the grape brought to the wine: intensive fruity aromas, achieved through both the perfect amount of sunshine on our steep slopes and the minerality of our slate soil, so
basically, everything that mirrors the uniqueness of the wine‘s vintage and the vineyards‘ location.
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Simply have a wine tasting with various of our Mosel specialities and find your favourite. Or would you rather combine a holiday and a wine tasting? Excellent! Then our holiday winery is exactly what you are looking for!

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