Our wines

Wine means pleasure and relaxation

That is what we convey with our self-made wines from different vineyards at the river Mosel. Our winery spreads across six hectars, the majority is steep slopes. Our vines grow on grey and blue slate and the steep slopes account for the optimal amount of sunshine. During the day, the rays of sunshine are stored by the slate soil and the Mosel and the warmth is then given to the vines at night. In combination with the minerality of the different slate soils it is possible to create wines which can hardly be compared to regarding minerality and fruit with a finely bound acid.

Experience our wines at a wine tasting, offered by the master winemaker Hubertus Clüsserath. Aside from dry and semi-dry Riesling wines as well as fruity and sweet ones and those with an intensive berry aroma, we also offer other grape varieties.

Varietal wines

Wines for every taste

Our Riesling wines are divided into the sections basic wine, mountain Riesling, the fruity class, precious dessert wines and not to forget our „Moselwinzersekt“, our sparkling wine.

Uncomplicated grape varieties with a lot of character and expression complementing perfectly our Riesling offers.

The Non-Riesling grape varieties:

Pinot Blanc
Pinot Noir

Even the basic wine already appeals through its fruity elegance and finesse. This is pure Riesling, the way it should taste.

Here, the good wines grow, the way we wish them to be. They are created with our hands, our knowledge and experience refine them. With a passionate heart we create what we have in mind: unique wines with character and individuality mirroring their terroir and the uniqueness of the landscape surrounding the river Mosel.

refers to wines which are fruity and full of finesse, having moderate alcohol content, the way they can only be produced at the river Mosel. The fruity, discreetly sweet and sweet wines, holding a fine acidity and minerality, provide a special and intense experience of flavour, which still fascinates even after years of aging in the bottle.

These are of a special quality and a concentrate made by nature. Because of the late harvest, the berries shrink and the juice becomes a high-quality concentrate. In the case of ice wines, the concentration is a result of the frost.

We offer you a high-quality, fine sparkling wine as Riesling or Dornfelder. For this, we only use completely ripe, selected grapes. A real alternative to champagne. Here you can really taste the origin!

A high-grade Riesling-Brandy serves as the foundation of our Brand. The brandy is destillated twice and achieves its fine ripeness inside the wood barrel. A real alternative to Grappa!

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